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Lots of updates

As you should be able to see, I made lots of updates to the site today. A load of new information, including information on the new album. I also cleaned up a bunch of the layout, so the site should look a little nicer as well. If anything is missing or you find anything wrong, please e-mail me.

Mike's Hammer of the Gods US show

Mike Portnoy has put together a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Hammer Of The Gods. They will be playing at BB King's in New York City on Wednesday November 5th 2003.

The band consists of:
Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and countless other projects on drums.
Paul Gilbert formerly of Mr. Big on guitar.
Daniel Gildenlow of Pain of Salvation on vocals.
Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs and Steve Morse Band on bass.

Show information:
Wednesday November 5
6pm Doors, 8pm Show
$25 in Advance $30 Day of Show

Buy tickets here

James's Frameshift Project

frameshift is a new projects featuring James LaBrie. The information about the project from the web site:

The CD features 15 tracks, which are basically 14 songs, framed by Above the Grass Parts I and II.

The underlying idea was to achieve three goals:

  1. Produce an album featuring James LaBrie in ways that no one has heard him before
  2. Combine the elements of progressive rock, film scoring and very modern production
  3. Use the work of Richard Dawkins (one of today's most influential neo-Darwinist writers) as a concept that connects all the pieces on the album

For more information, please see the project's web site.

You can order the CD here.

Mike playing with Neal Morse

Mike Portnoy will be playing with Neal Morse on his Testimony tour on the following dates:

13th November UK Manchester MDH
14th November UK London Astoria
16th November Holland Rijssen Lucky & Co
17th November Holland Tilburg 013
18th November Germany Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal
19th November Germany Bochum Zeche
21st November Metuchen, New Jersey, USA Metuchen Forum Theater

See Neal's Live page for more information.

Mike is featured on Neal's latest album Testimony.

Artwork Information

The artwork for the new Dream Theater album, Train of Thought, is a copy of part of one of Jerry Uelsmann's photography projects.

The original artwork on which the cover is based can be found here.

Thanks to Andrew Coutermarsh for posting this information to the Ytsejam Mailing List.

European 2004 Tour Dates Added

The first set of tour dates for 2004 have been added. They can be found here. These dates will all be An Evening with Dream Theater, meaning there will be no opening act. More information on on sale dates and venue information coming in the near future.

ToT Discography Page Added

The discography page for Train of Thought has been added here.

New DT album information

Train of Thought

The new Dream Theater album, Train of Thought, will be released November 11, 2003. The track listing is:

  1. As I Am
  2. This Dying Soul
  3. Endless Sacrifice
  4. Honor Thy Father
  5. Vacant
  6. Stream Of Consciousness
  7. In The Name Of God

The album was produced by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, engineered by Doug Oberkircher, and mixed by Kevin Shirley.

Pre-order Train of Thought from

Updates Soon ...

A whole mess of new updates will be here in the next day or two, including lots of information on the new CD.

IRC Server Back up

And I swear it will stay stable now. Have had some issues with the upgrade, but looking much better now. Thanks for everyone's patience.

IRC Server Downtime

Server is currently down for maintenance. It will be back up late this evening or early tomorrow.

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