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Track Listing for O3: A Trilogy Part 3

Charlie Dominici's "O3: A Trilogy - Part 3" track listing:

01. King Of Terror
02. March Into Hell
03. So Help Me God
04. Liquid Lightning
05. Enemies Of God
06. Revelation
07. Hell On Earth
08. Genesis

New Dominici Album in April


The third installment to Dominci's "O3: A Trilogy" will be released in April via Inside Out Music. Check out the cover art above.

New Dominici Album Coming

Charlie Dominici's new band DOMINICI will release the second disc of the trilogy Charlie started. This release, "O3 A Trilogy, Part Two", will be coming out in February 2007 from InsideOut Music. The band includes:

Charlie Dominici - Vocals
Brian Maillard - Guitar
Riccardo "eRIK" Atzeni - Bass
Americo Rigoldi - Keyboards
Yan Maillard - Drums

You can get more information at:

O3 to get heavier

According to this press release, Charlie Dominici's O3 trilogy, which started out with an acoustic CD, will be getting much heavier in the next two installments. According to Charlie, The second part is going to be much heavier. Something the Dream Theater fans will appreciate".

New Dominici Album

Charlie Dominici has released a solo album called "O3 A Trilogy, Part One". The album is an acoustic solo album, so those expecting to hear some Dream Theater type music will not be getting what they expected. The album has gotten good reviews, so check it out.

Buy it at now.

New Kevin Moore Material

Kevin Moore's new album, Ghost Book was released June 29th. This is the soundtrack for the movie Okul. Kevin has posted clips from the album on his Chroma Key web site.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Rhodes Song
  2. Prayer Call
  3. Piano Theme
  4. Roof Access (Day)
  5. Far Fara
  6. P.S.
  7. Library Noise
  8. Overheard
  9. Romantik
  10. The Hecklers
  11. Mirrors and Phones
  12. Shall We Jump
  13. Cowbloke
  14. Erotik
  15. Roof Access (Night)
  16. Hallways and Light
  17. Afterschool
  18. Sad Sad Movie

Buy it now at!

Kevin has also recently released a download only release called Memory Hole. From his web site:

The Memory Hole is a three-part, 80-minute radio program produced for Radio for Peace International in Costa Rica last year. The show includes original music, spoken word, and material sampled from peace activist radio, far right short wave radio, mainstream television, and various spiritual and evangelical audio sources.

It can be downloaded here.

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