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MP on new covers album

From The Gauntlet:

Mike, Neal Morse and Rangy George released their Cover To Cover album on September 22nd. This album consists of songs from the recording sessions for Neal's discs.

Mike says about this disc:

"It comes down to this: I am a music fan. No matter how old I get or how much success I've had, I will always be that 11 year old kid in the KISS Army jamming along to Who tunes in my bedroom. Because of this, I still LOVE playing covers.

I have been able to tap into my Metal and Prog influences choosing covers with DT, but another HUGE side of my inspiration are my Classic Rock influences from the 60's and 70's. For the most part, the guys in DT don't share this same background so I've never been able to cover these classic bands with them.

However Neal and Randy TOTALLY do share this background, so when choosing covers with them rather than taking the obvious PROG road, we've enjoyed paying tribute to the more retro, pop-oriented side of our shared taste.

Gathered here on this CD is a collection of all of the covers we did together throughout the sessions for Neal's Testimony, One and ? sessions.

Expand your prog ears and enjoy!"

Jordan Clinic This Weekend!

Jordan has a clinic in NYC this weekend about his use of the MusicPad Pro, the world's first digital sheet music tablet. The information is:

Saturday, September 30th, 2006, 2PM
Guitar Center Manhattan
25 W. 14th Street
Manhattan, NY 10011

IRC Server Update

Sorry this has taken so long. I finally got a machine up and running today to run the IRC server on. This weekend I will be transferring all the data from the old machine over and we should be ready to go. If all goes well, should be up and running again by Saturday night. Thanks for your patience.

Score CD Information added to the discography

I finally got around to adding Score to the Discography today. Let me know if you see any issues. IRC Server Down

I'm having some server trouble with the machine that runs the IRC Server. I am working on getting it back up as quickly as possible, but it will probably be down for at least a few days. Watch this space for more information and thanks in advance for the patience.

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