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Official Israeli Fan Club Added

Thanks to Idan for keeping on me about this one, I have finally added the Official Israeli DT Fan Club to the Fan Club list.

Score CD Information added to the discography

I finally got around to adding Score to the Discography today. Let me know if you see any issues.


Yes, I've been a bit of a slacker and now DT is taking a bit of a break. Knowing the guys in this band, they may be taking some time off from DT, but it won't be real time off and they will be working on some other stuff. I've got my ears perked up and listening again, so any updates will get pushed out here as quick as possible.

Update Day!

I fell behind a bit on keeping this place up. Here comes a ton of updates.

Updates Complete (for now)

I think I have gotten all the updates out there now. In addition to everything I have mentioned, I also added a skelton page for LAB, which I will fill in soon. Please let me know if I missed anything else.

Updates Coming Soon

Updates have been rather lacking lately. Some are coming soon. I also have a number of ideas to help improve the site, so watch this space.

New MIDI Added

I added a new MIDI file on the downloads page for Endless Sacrifice. Thanks to Evil Fred!

Social Networks

I have added a page listing some of the Dream Theater groups on the various social networks out there. You can see it here.

Minor Updates

I went through the site today and cleaned up a bunch of minor nits. This included the syndication stuff I mentioned already. Also, fixed some incorrect colors in some place. Some clean up of the main page was necessary too.


I've updated all the pages on the server to show 3 different kinds of syndication for the site. We now support RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3. On the top level page, there is an additional button to add this site to your My Yahoo! page.

Also, I've added a link on the Ytsejam page for the RSS syndication of the mailing list.

Lockergnome's RSS Resources has lots of information about RSS and syndication for anyone who doesn't know about it.

eBay Auctions

I've added a page that is updated hourly with any eBay Auctions which have Dream Theater in the description. You can see the page here.

Up and Running ...

We're back from the downtime, now on a new and faster connection.

Server Downtime

This server will be down for a couple of hours at most Saturday afternoon starting around 3PM EST on Saturday, January 31.

Spam coming from

Once again, someone is sending out spam from various fake addresses. Once again, I will say these are not really coming from, so please do send complaints to us.

Lots of updates

As you should be able to see, I made lots of updates to the site today. A load of new information, including information on the new album. I also cleaned up a bunch of the layout, so the site should look a little nicer as well. If anything is missing or you find anything wrong, please e-mail me.

ToT Discography Page Added

The discography page for Train of Thought has been added here.

Updates Soon ...

A whole mess of new updates will be here in the next day or two, including lots of information on the new CD.

Spam Alert

Someone has been using e-mail addresses from this domain to send out junk e-mail. Please do not blame the site, as they are just faking the e-mail addresses, the mails are not actually coming from our servers at all.

Fan Club Information

I added the information about all the various Dream Theater fan clubs to the site this evening. If I am missing any or any need to be updated please inform me. Thanks!

Site Software Upgrade

I've upgraded the site to the latest version of Movable Type this evening, let me know if you see any issues.

Ytsejam Mailing List Page Updates

I added some additional information to the Ytsejam Mailing List page. I also added information about the filter which is used to protect the Ytsejam from SPAM.

Link Fixing

I updated all the old CDnow links to Amazon links. If any seem to be incorrect, let me know.

IRC Server Move

The IRC server that runs on is in the process of moving to a new server. In the next day or two, you may see strangeness in that you might see empty channels for a day or two. If you have not tried the server yet, get all the information you need here. Just join the channel #ytsejam.

New Home

I've moved the site to another hosting company, Regzilla. There may be a couple of glitches in the system for the next couple of days as all the DNS and stuff gets moved. Please let me know if you see anything very strange.

UPDATE: Still having some issues, but getting there.

The Number of The Beast Available for Download

A recording of Dream Theater covering Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast is now available on the Downloads Page.

Thanks to the guys at for the MP3s.

Site Upgrade ...

I have upgraded the site to Movable Type 2.51 which was mainly a bug fix release. Please let me know if you have any issues. down

I have taken down temporarily and possibly permanently. I will be moving the Ytsejam Archives on to this site in the next few days, as they were the major thing that was there.

Site Updates

I made a number of updates to the site today.

I added the category archives list to the side bar, so you can now look at specific categories if you would like.

I also fixed the banner information in the category and date archives, so that the graphic and navigation bar come up correctly.

Site Upgrade ...

I upgraded the Movable Type software which runs the front end to the site to version 2.5 today. Please let me know if you see any problems because of this.

We're live!

Welcome to the new Please take a look around. Let me know what you think below in the comments section. If you see any problems, please email If you have a Dream Theater story to submit, please send mail to I will be putting a news submission page up in the near future. If you have any suggestions, please send them to

I hope you enjoy!

Reviews Section

I started on the reviews section today. It should be ready in the next week or so. This section will allow people to submit their reviews for both shows and CDs. I plan on making the whole thing searchable., so people can look for certain songs, or places or locations or dates, etc. Keep an eye out for this. The site may or may not go live before this happens, depending on the new machine.

Discography Added

I added the start of a discography this evening. At the moment, I just have all the full length albums and EPs in it. I also got up some information about some of them. Hopefully, I will get the rest of them up RSN. You can see what's on there so far here.

Added an IRC Server Page ..

I added a page talking about the server. It can be found here.

Ytsejam Mailing List Info Added

I've added a Ytsejam Mailing List page, located here. This page has subscribe and unsubscribe information for the list.

Summer and Fall Tour Dates added

I have now added the dates for the Dream Theater / Joe Satriani / King's X Summer US Tour and the Dream Theater Fall Tour in Europe. They can be found here.

The new is here ...

Well, almost here. I have started the work to get this site back up and running and actually be a good source of information about Dream Theater. Feel free to email me or just post comments up on here about what you think.


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