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IRC Server Back

The IRC Server should now be back online. If you have issues connecting, it could be due to bad DNS. It should be updated across the Internet within 24 hours. Sorry for the downtime.

IRC Server Down

The IRC Server is currently down. Hoping to have it up and running again by tomorrow morning.

IRC Server Update

Sorry this has taken so long. I finally got a machine up and running today to run the IRC server on. This weekend I will be transferring all the data from the old machine over and we should be ready to go. If all goes well, should be up and running again by Saturday night. Thanks for your patience. IRC Server Down

I'm having some server trouble with the machine that runs the IRC Server. I am working on getting it back up as quickly as possible, but it will probably be down for at least a few days. Watch this space for more information and thanks in advance for the patience.

IRC Server isn't really down

It's just that the IP address of my cable modem changed (Doh!). New addres is XX.XXX.XX.XXX if you want to access it directly. I just updated DNS, so it should be propogated within 24 hours.

Update: DNS has propigated, so just getting rid of the IP, to keep as many trollers away ;)

IRC is back

As Mosh said:

For those who haven't been to or for the old schoolers, Skadz has brought the server back up... come by and visit us and wake the #ytsejam back up again.

-The Doc

Set your server to and join the channel #ytsejam. For more information, take a look here

IRC Server Back up

Not that anyone would have noticed, but the IRC Server is back up after a few days of down time due to some server updates.

IRC Server Back up

And I swear it will stay stable now. Have had some issues with the upgrade, but looking much better now. Thanks for everyone's patience.

IRC Server Downtime

Server is currently down for maintenance. It will be back up late this evening or early tomorrow.

IRC Server Downtime

The server which runs the IRC server is currently down. It should be back up around 8PM EDT this evening. Sorry for any inconvience.

UPDATE: The server is now up and running.

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