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IRC Server Downtime

The server which runs the IRC server is currently down. It should be back up around 8PM EDT this evening. Sorry for any inconvience.

UPDATE: The server is now up and running.

Ytsejam Records Announced

Mike has announced a new venture, Ytsejam Records which has been set up to provide DT collectors with high quality bootlegs from Mike's own collection.

Updated Dates

I just went through and added a bunch of dates including a new Atlanta date, an updated Portland date, as well as dates for Las Vegas, Boise, Spokane, Kansas City(MO), and Grand Prarie.

Also, the Headliner column has been added and has who will be the final act of each evening.

Lastly, a note was added stating that on 2 of the Canadian dates, I Mother Earth will be the fourth band on the bill.

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