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String Quartet Version of The Ytsejam

Cristiano Giusepetti has created a string quartet version of the Dream Theater Song "The Ytsejam". You can grab it from his website.

MP Imposter is back

From Mike over at Mike's Forums:

I cannot believe I am writing this again.... But it seems this idiot Anthony Mendez is out of jail and on the loose again. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! After the ordeal back in 2003, I figured he would've learned his lesson - but apparently not... This is an email that was just passed onto me from a recent encounter: (edited to protect the person who reported the incident)

Please read the article for full details. If you encounter this individual, please contact your local authorities immediately.

DT @ Bonnaroo?

From this article, an interesting quote regarding Bonnaroo from Umphrey's McGee's Joel Cummins:

"It's really important to have that progressive element and bring new things in. I'd love to see something like Dream Theater here that doesn't get as much exposure in the U.S., but is huge in Europe. You need to have that freshness. For fans to say 'I've discovered something new that I've never expect to see at Bonnaroo,' I think that's one of the things that bring people back here. It's the ones you don't know you're going to see that blow you away and keep you coming back."

Blogs at Dreamt.Org

One of the avenues I am exploring is hosting blogs at People would be able to sign up and use Tucows' Blogware software. These blogs would be hosted at something like (for example). Is this of any interest to anyone? Leave some comments on your thoughts. Thanks!

Fan Club Gift

From Voices UK:

Voices UK, DTNorway, Italian Dreamers, The Mirror and Your Majesty are proud to announce a special fanclub gift for 2005. With support from the band, we are continuing the tradition of a yearly gift for the fanclub members. The fanclubs mentioned have collaborated and produced a DVD, with exclusive content not available anywhere else.

To recieve the DVD you have to be a member of one the fan clubs mentioned above by November 15th 2005. The production run is limited so don't hang around!

Scenes From A Memory, The Play

The BATS (Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society) have decided their next play will be a stage adaption of Dream Theater's Scenes From A Memory. More information can be found here.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Mike Portnoy!

Put Rush in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

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