The Dream Theater IRC Network

The Dream Theater IRC Network is the original chat network for Dream Theater fans to come and discuss music and all other subjects. The server was established on December 13, 1995 after continuous problems with the EFnet IRC network.

In order to connect to this network, you need to get an IRC client for your Operating System.

If you are running Windows 95/98/2000/XP try some of these links to get a client:

If you are running MacOS try some of these links:

If you are running Unix, try these links:

Once you have obtained an IRC Client, you will need to connect to the server. Set up your client to connect to:

Port 2112

After you have connected to the server, join the channel #ytsejam and chat away.

If you plan on using this server, please contact Skadz, just so he has an idea of who is using the system.