Gigantour DVD Coming

The DVD from last year's Gigantour which featured Megadeth and Dream Theater will be hitting the shelves on September 5, 2006. It includes Glass Prison and Panic Attack from DT. The full list of performances is:

MEGADETH - "She Wolf"
MEGADETH - "A Tout le Monde"
MEGADETH - "Kick the Chair"
DREAM THEATER - "Glass Prison"
DREAM THEATER - "Panic Attack"
FEAR FACTORY - "Transgression"
FEAR FACTORY - "Archetype"
NEVERMORE - "Enemies of Reality"
LIFE OF AGONY - "Love to Let You Down"
LIFE OF AGONY - "Day He Died"
SYMPHONY X - "Inferno"
SYMPHONY X - "Of Sins and Shadows"
BOBAFLEX - "Better Than Me"
DRY KILL LOGIC - "Paper Tiger"

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