As mentioned earlier by Mike, Dream Theater will see some TV time at the end of this month. This will be on Metal Maniacs and Classic In Concert on VH1 Classic.

Current schedule has them on:

Friday, August 25:

DREAM THEATER on "Metal Mania" - 8pm EST/5pm PST
"Score" on " Classic In Concert" - 9pm EST/6pm PST

DREAM THEATER on "Metal Mania" - 11pm EST/8pm PST
"Score" on "Classic In Concert" - Midnight EST/9pm PST

Saturday, August 26:

DREAM THEATER on "Metal Mania" - 1pm EST/10am PST
"Score" on "Classic In Concert" - 2pm EST/11am PST

Sunday, August 27:

DREAM THEATER on "Metal Mania" - 6pm EST/3pm PST
"Score" on "Classic In Concert" - 7pm EST/4am PST

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