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These are the playlists for every episode of "The Spirit of Radio" since its inception on October 18, 1997. You can follow the links below for more information on these great bands, and also visit pages such as, Erotomania, and Dr. Mosh's Progressive Feast for more information on the genre as a whole. And please feel free to e-mail D-Man if you have suggestions for web sites for any unlinked bands below.
* Saturday, April 18 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Ugly Kid JoeNeighborAmerica's Least Wanted
Lemur Voice Prime Of PassionInsights
Ozzy OsbourneShot In The Dark The Ozzman Cometh
EnchantCatharsisA Blueprint Of The World
Faith No MoreMid Life CrisisAngel Dust
Dream TheaterLight Fuse And Get AwayWhen Dream And Day Unite
Rush Jacob's LadderPermanent Waves
King Crimson Elephant TalkDiscipline
Yes Tempus FugitDrama
Rudess Morgenstein ProjectTailspin Rudess Morgenstein Project
Fates Warning At Fates HandsPerfect Symmetry
Fates Warning The Eleventh HourParallels
Fates Warning Pale FireInside Out
MetallicaFade To Black Ride The Lightning
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Pantera Cemetery Gates (live) Official Live: 101 Proof
SepulturaDead Embryonic Cells Arise
AnthraxRandom Acts Of Senseless Violence Stomp 442
Tin Machine Under The GodTin Machine
Van HalenLittle GuitarsDiver Down
Subtlerage ThoughtsVicious Cycle

* Saturday, April 11 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Iron Maiden The PrisonerThe Number Of The Beast
Fates WarningMonumentInside Out
Saigon Kick Feel The Same WayThe Lizard
WhitesnakeSlide It InSlide It In
Joe SatrianiS. M. F.Joe Satriani
MegadethShe-WolfCryptic Writings
Limp BizkitFaithThree Dollar Bill, Y'all$
Faith No More Falling To PiecesThe Real Thing
Primus Tommy The CatSailing The Seas Of Cheese
CairoSeason Of The HeartCairo
Frank ZappaDancin' FoolSheik Yerbouti
RushA Farewell To KingsA Farewell To Kings
RushYYZ Moving Pictures
RushHalf The WorldTest For Echo
Mr. BigMr. GoneBump Ahead
Ozone Quartet ThiefFresh Blood
ScatterbrainDown With The ShipHere Comes Trouble
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Testament Souls Of Black Souls Of Black
EuropeScream Of AngerWings Of Tomorrow
AlturaOne By OneMercy
echolyn Best RegardsAs The World
King CrimsonFrame By FrameDiscipline
Dream TheaterSurroundedImages And Words

* Saturday, April 4, 1998 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
AnacrusisSound The AlarmScreams And Whispers
Shadow GalleryCrystalline Dream Carved In Stone
Jerry CantrellCut You In Boggy Depot
Mr. So & SoTick-A-BoxCompendium
YesStarship TrooperThe Yes Album
Frank ZappaPeaches En RegaliaHot Rats
School Of FishThree Strange DaysSchool Of Fish
Rush The TreesHemispheres
Subtlerage ThoughtsVicious Cycle
Spock's BeardGo The Way You GoThe Light
Spock's BeardThe DoorwayBeware of Darkness
Spock's Beard In The Mouth Of MadnessThe Kindness of Strangers
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Ugly Kid Joe Madman As Ugly As They Wanna Be
Cynic Uroboric FormsFocus
MetallicaHarvester Of Sorrow...And Justice For All
Dream TheaterUnder A Glass MoonImages And Words
EnchantThe ThirstA Blueprint Of The World

* Saturday, March 28, 1998 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Faith No MoreLast Cup Of Sorrow Album Of The Year
DeathSacred SerenitySymbolic
Liquid Tension ExperimentUniversal MindLiquid Tension Experiment
I Mother EarthOne More AstronautScenery And Fish
Spock's Beard Cakewalk On Easy StreetThe Kindness of Strangers
GenesisWatcher of the SkiesFoxtrot
Life Of AgonyThis TimeRiver Runs Red
Fates WarningPoint Of ViewParallels
SoundgardenSpoonman Superunknown
MegadethPeace SellsPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?
MegadethHangar 18Rust In Peace
MegadethUse The ManCryptic Writings
Mr. So & SoHobson The TravellerCompendium
Rush Lessons2112
YesOpen Your EyesOpen Your Eyes
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Anthrax Antisocial Live - The Island Years
Iron MaidenTailgunnerNo Prayer For The Dying
Frank ZappaCatholic GirlsJoe's Garage
Galactic CowboysI Do What I DoSpace In Your Face
Dream Theater New MillenniumFalling Into Infinity

* Saturday, March 21, 1998 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Galactic CowboysFeel The Rage Machine Fish
EnchantThe Thirst A Blueprint Of The World
GenesisDeep In The Motherlode...And Then There Were Three
Rudess Morgenstein ProjectDrop The PuckRudess Morgenstein Project
AsiaOnly Time Will TellAsia
Emerson Lake and PalmerFanfare For The Common ManWorks Volume I
Ozone Quartet ThiefFresh Blood
Def LeppardPhotographPyromania
TeslaLittle Suzi Mechanical Resonance
Fates WarningEye To EyeParallels
Mr. So & SoPrimrose DaysCompendium
Van HalenMean StreetFair Warning
Van Halen Summer Nights5150
Van Halen Without YouVan Halen III
SeedKids...This Is FabulonLing
Finneus GaugeA Mess Of FinesseMore Once More
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Exodus Toxic Waltz Thrash Patrol (Compilation)
Liquid Tension ExperimentParadigm ShiftLiquid Tension Experiment
RushManhattan ProjectPower Windows
YesGoing For The One (Live)Keys To Ascension 2
Spock's Beard JuneThe Kindness Of Strangers

* Saturday, January 31, 1998 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Van Halen51505150
Queensryche Spreading the DiseaseOperation: Mindcrime
Big Wreck Fall Through The CracksIn Loving Memory Of...
Steve Vai I Would Love ToPassion and Warfare
ScatterbrainDon't Call Me DudeHere Comes Trouble
MetallicaDisposable HeroesMaster of Puppets
Dream TheaterScarredAwake
Joe Satriani Satch BoogieSurfing With The Alien
AnthraxMadhouseSpreading The Disease
AnthraxTimePersistence of Time
AnthraxPerpetual MotionStomp 442
Spock's Beard Go The Way You GoThe Official Live Bootleg
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Pantera Throes of Rejection Far Beyond Driven
Limp BizkitCounterfeitThree Dollar Bill, Yall$
Iron MaidenNumber of the BeastNumber of the Beast
RushThe Body Electric Grace Under Pressure
Mr. So & SoHobson the TravellerCompendium
echolyn Best RegardsAs The World

* Saturday, January 24, 1998 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Faith No MoreFalling To PiecesThe Real Thing
Van HalenHouse of Pain 1984
PanteraI'm BrokenFar Beyond Driven
Porcupine TreeSleep of No DreamingSignify
AsiaHeat of the MomentAsia
Primus Tommy The CatSailing the Seas of Cheese
Dream Theater Trial Of TearsFalling Into Infinity
Finneus Gauge Finding the StrengthMore Once More
Lemur Voice IntuitionInsights
YesAmerica YesYears
YesRun Through The Light Drama
YesOpen Your Eyes Open Your Eyes
RushMarathon Power Windows
I Mother EarthThree Days OldScenery And Fish
ScatterbrainDown With The Ship (Slight Return) Here Comes Trouble
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Megadeth Have Cool, Will Travel Cryptic Writings
AnacrusisSound The AlarmScreams and Whispers
Iron MaidenTailgunnerNo Prayer For The Dying
EnchantFade 2 GreyWounded
Shadow GalleryCrystalline DreamCarved In Stone

* Saturday, November 22, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Alice In ChainsThem BonesDirt
Fates Warning Outside Looking InInside Out
Van HalenMe Wise Magic Best Of Volume 1
My Dying BrideFor YouBeauty in Darkness Volume 2
EnchantFade 2 GreyWounded
echolyn The Wiblet/Audio VeriteAs The World
Animal LogicI Won't Be Sleeping Anymore Animal Logic II
Eric JohnsonS.R.V.Venus Isle
Spock's Beard On The EdgeThe Light
Dream TheaterTo Live Forever Lie (CD Single)
Dream TheaterTake The Time Images and Words
Dream TheaterHollow Years Falling Into Infinity
Shadow GalleryCrystalline DreamCarved In Stone
SavatageDoesn't Matter AnywayDead Winter Dead
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Metallica Creeping Death Ride The Lightning
Lemur VoiceAkasha ChroniclesInsights
AnthraxIndiansAmong The Living
Theatre of TragedyBlack as the Devil Painteth Beauty In Darkness Volume 2
KornShoots and LaddersKorn

* Saturday, November 15, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
RushLa Villa Strangiato Hemispheres
Mr. So and So Hobson the TravellerCompendium
Genesis Firth of FifthSelling England by the Pound
MetallicaDispoasble HeroesMaster of Puppets
Iron MaidenThe PrisonerNumber of the Beast
Joe SatrianiSatch Boogie Surfing with the Alien
Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade of Gray (parts 1 & 2)A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Dream TheaterPeruvian Skies Falling Into Infinity
Love On IceShowdown Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack
Spock's Beard Waste AwayBeware of Darkness
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Megadeth Set The World Afire So Far... So Good... So What!
PanteraI'm BrokenFar Beyond Driven
AnthraxAntisocialState of Euphoria
VictorStart TodayVictor
ScatterbrainDown With The Ship Here Comes Trouble

* Saturday, November 8, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
OffspringDisclaimerIxnay on the Hombre
MegadethLucretiaRust In Peace
AlturaOne By OneMercy
RushTime and Motion Test for Echo
DokkenInside Looking OutDysfunctional
AnthraxMadhouseSpreading The Disease
Dream TheaterJust Let Me Breathe Falling Into Infinity
Spock's Beard Walking On The WindBeware of Darkness
FightWar of WordsWar of Words
PanteraCowboys from HellOfficial Live: 101 Proof
ExtremePlay With MeExtreme
MetallicaCreeping DeathRide The Lightning
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark (Live) Best of the Beast
Jack Russell, et al.Analog Kid Working Man (A Tribute)
Finneus Gauge SalvationMore Once More
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
Judas Priest Metal GodsLive
Scott Ian, et al. It's LateDragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen
Steve VaiLittle Alligator Fire Garden
Window PaneDead BirdWindow Pane
Polio Dog CarnatarianThree Sheets to the Wind

* Saturday, November 1, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose Badmotorfinger
Tin MachineUnder the God Tin Machine
Led ZeppelinOut On The TilesLed Zeppelin III
Spock's Beard The DoorwayBeware of Darkness
Joe SatrianiIf Joe Satriani
Mr. BigGreen-Tinted Sixties MindLean Into It
Savatage Not What You SeeDead Winter Dead
Spinal TapBig BottomSpinal Tap
RushThe Camera Eye Moving Pictures
CreamTales of Brave UlyssesDisraeli Gears
Dream Theater Only A Matter Of TimeWhen Dream And Day Unite
Genesis The Dividing LineCalling All Stations
BonhamWait For YouThe Disregard of Timekeeping
Alice In ChainsNo ExcusesJar of Flies
ScatterbrainDon't Call Me DudeHere Comes Trouble
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
MetallicaDyer's Eve...And Justice For All
AnthraxOnlySound of White Noise
Frank ZappaCatholic GirlsJoe's Garage
Faith No More Last Cup of SorrowAlbum Of The Year
Saigon KickFeel The Same WayThe Lizard
Fates Warning MonumentInside Out

* Saturday, October 25, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
Helmet MilquetoastBetty
Dream TheaterLines In The SandFalling Into Infinity
Van HalenHouse of Pain 1984
echolynBest RegardsAs The World
YesTempus FugitDrama
I Mother EarthThree Days OldScenery And Fish
GenesisWatcher of the SkiesFoxtrot
RushNatural SciencePermanent Waves
Shadow GalleryCrystalline DreamCarved in Stone
AnthraxSheKiss My Ass (Kiss tribute)
PrimusJerry Was a Race Car DriverSailing the Seas of Cheese
MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)Master of Puppets
Limp BizkitCounterfeitThree Dollar Bill, Y'all
Fates Warning At Fate's HandsPerfect Symmetry
Emerson Lake & PalmerFanfare for the Common Man Works Volume I
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
PanteraFive Minutes AloneFar Beyond Driven
Iron MaidenRun To The HillsNumber of the Beast
Ugly Kid JoeMadmanAmerica's Least Wanted
Living ColourOpen Letter (To A Landlord)Vivid
MegadethSymphony of DestructionCountdown to Extinction
QueensrycheRevolution CallingOperation: Mindcrime

* Saturday, October 18, 1997 *
Artist Song Title Album Title
RushThe Spirit of RadioExit... Stage Left
Mr. So & SoTick-A-BoxCompendium
Fates WarningMonumentInside Out
Dream TheaterNew MilleniumFalling Into Infinity
Faith No MoreAshes to AshesAlbum of the Year
YesStarship TrooperThe Yes Album
Spock's BeardGo The Way You GoThe Light
Iron MaidenTailgunnerNo Prayer for the Dying
MetallicaThe Frayed Ends of Sanity...And Justice For All
MegadethHangar 18Rust In Peace
CynicVeil of MayaFocus
TestamentSouls of BlackSouls of Black
* Mad Mike's Metal Pick: *
AnthraxThe EnemySpreading The Disease
Life of AgonyOther Side of the RiverUgly
Frank ZappaJoe's GarageJoe's Garage
Lemur Voice IntuitionInsights
Finneus GaugeMore Wants MoreMore Once More

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