July 28, 2002
Lots More Work Completed ...

I got a lot more work done on the site today:

a) I finished up the discography. I am still missing the information for Six Degress of Inner Turbulence. That should be in in the next couple of days.
b) I added a downloads section. Right now I just have a bunch of MIDI files that I have had forever in there. I will hopefully add some more stuff over time.
c) I added a tablature page as a bookmarker. I will be putting some tablature up there this week.
d) I updated all the pages to use PHP functions to generate a lot of the content, so I just have to change things in one or two places instead of having to edit 20 different pages each time I update something.
e) I added links to the official Dream Theater Store. I also fixed the name of one of the Hosted Site links.

That's all for today.

Posted by Skadz at July 28, 2002 10:32 PM